Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Newbie Award 1-11-11

Step right up and don't be shy I've got a new blog that might catch your eye.  It's white and level and has a picture of the old green devil.  It's not for the faint of heart, it may even sicken because he claims henchmen taste like chicken.  So I will stop with rhyming I am starting to sound like a bad Dr. Seuss so please say hello to Henchmen Abuse!

Pat over at Henchmen Abuse says he's a middle-aged guy who started an old-school megadungeon campaign using Labyrinth Lord rules and middle-aged guy, who despises henchmen as the XP sponges that they truly are.  How can he not win the newbie blog award for just that.  There is only one point of disagreement I would have with Pat, while most henchmen taste like chicken those crusty alchemists taste like burnt toast with a hint of almond.
Pat has a face only a summoner could love.

Please check out Henchmen Abuse, its a very good blog full of old school goodies.  Thanks for the work you put into Pat!