Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Been One Crap Ass Week

I won't go into all the arguments that have occurred in the past couple of weeks.  Seems like things are settling down and of course when one of these dust ups occurs nothing changes and no one changes their mind.  Just happens.  Happens in all sections of life.  Work, home and here on the blogosphere people get irritated and pissy.

So here it is Free RPG Day, I was not feeling all that enthusiastic about it to begin with, but damn it I wasn't going to miss it.  I wanted to get my commemorative d6.  And who knows I might actually meet a cool gamer or two.  So into the game store I go (I won't mention the name because I am not going to be too nice here in a few) and at the counter is the gaming guy.  This store is mainly a book store, but it has a decent gaming section and he is in charge of it.  This gaming guy is about as irritating as they come.  He's one of those I have an opinion on everything especially about the things I don't know about.  If you've been to the moon, he's been there twice.

He's talking to two other gamers.  "Goodman Games DCC is crap.  He's trying to be all 'old school'"  He did that little finger quote thing when he said old school.  "The OSR is such lame shit."

Ya know, I try to be a nice guy.  I really do, but sometimes things just don't work out.  So I ask gamer guy, "Have you ever played any of the old school games or the clones?"

Without a beat "No.  Don't see the point.  If they were any good WotC would still be publishing them."

Now there are so many things wrong with that statement I stood there for a second hoping he would laugh or give me the gotcha sign or something.  Nope.  Dead serious.  Now, like this recent fray on the blogs, I knew speaking with gamer guy would be like going into a deep mineshaft without a lantern.  No chance of changing his mind.  So instead I addressed the two gamers.

"If you guys are interested at all in playing some old school style gaming you can download the rules for free.  *gave them S&W, LL, and Osric were the ones I could remember*  There is a game just south of here we play twice a month, your welcome to join in any time you feel like it.  It's a great time.  If you don't like it it won't cost ya a thing."  Also gave them my email if they had any questions.

The two guys were interested, gave them some gaming blogs to read.  I am not sure if that was the best thing considering the rants of late.  The gamer guy actually tried to grab the paper I gave them.  WTF  Luckily the goof has the dexterity of a dog turd and nearly fell down.  The two other guys laughed at him and left.  Said they would give it a look.

So now I am alone with gamer guy.  He's pissed and I still didn't get to pick any of my free stuff yet.  This was going to go well.  I am thinking, I'm going to get arrested today.  And to tell you the truth, I was in a mood where I was okay with that. 

Fast forward ten minutes after looking at some other gaming stuff.  I ended up buying Pazio's Misfit Monsters.  They always do a great job.  Luckily for me and my arrest record gamer guy's shift was over and the owner lady took over.  I didn't say anything about what happened to the owner because the gamer guy is her nephew.  I ended up getting the Dragon Age quick start and Goodman Games DCC.  What I failed to get. and one of the main things I wanted was a commemorative d6 for this year's Free RPG day.  I'd gotten one for the past four years. 

So as I end this I will make a small plea to my readers who may have gotten an extra d6, if you would like to trade for it or get a copy of something I wrote or you just want a little RPGNow credit I would love to trade for that elusive d6.

So with that, I am going to turn this week around damn it.  I have the rest of the day off, I need to get ready for the start of a new campaign I am GMing and Netflix is brimming with stuff I could watch until my bones turn to dust.


  1. You deserve at least a day off after that debacle - what is it with gamers at the moment? Has someone put something in the water? At least it sounds as though you might have picked up two sane new recruits though. Look forward to hearing how that works out.

    As I have no game shops in my area, as usual - except for free stuff online - I've once again let Free RPG Day pass me by, but I, too, have found my love of the gaming community being sorely tested this week (and I mainly lurk anyway).

    But I hope that's all behind us now and a new dawn will arrive with a new week and we can all get back to bickering about ascending or descending armour classes!

  2. Amen Flea! Sorry you don't have a game store around you, but most of the stuff they give away for RPG Day is available for free DLs on the companies sites. I'm actually heading over to Pazio to DL We Be Goblins! Have a good weekend Flea.

  3. No commemorative d6 here, just got the DCC freebie.

    Congrats on not getting arrested.

  4. Great job spreading the Old-School word in the face of a rabid detractor! Well done, well handled.

  5. I was too busy with real life stuff to drop by our local fantasy shop. Sorry to hear about your run in with Gamer Guy. One top of the week in the OSR community I can see it being a tiring experience. Here to hoping next week is a better one as well. But what is ascending & descending AC? It’s all about your defense percentage and protection rating of armor! Dragonquest forever!

  6. "If they were any good WotC would still be publishing them."

    ROFL, this is the point I would have sprayed a mouthful of soda into his face.

  7. Reception to DCC was a bit better at my FLGS. I grabbed it AND the WotC one too.

  8. Nice work. Good to see you spreading the love out there. Unfortunately, even with the internet, a lot of people still get their gaming "info" from the gaming guy like you described.

  9. The guy is suck a wanker, he even annoys me. I had to go into the other room and look through some kid books just to get a break from him. But then the wank stood in the hallway. He's just so loud.

    That's my two cents.

  10. Whisk
    The guy is suck a wanker

    Hmm, well I can't say I saw that, but who knows. Yeah he is loud. Next time when he's in the kid section maybe accidentally have the Nancy Drew collection fall on him. Hell, throw in the Hardy Boys too.

    Good to have you back my man! I continue to fight the good fight and with a little help from Whisk we may dwindle their number by at least one.

  11. When you're catching hell from The Whisk, you are a sorry sorry POS indeed. I'm glad you made it through.

  12. "No. Don't see the point. If they were any good WotC would still be publishing them."

    While I really, REALLY appreciate you not punching him in the mouth, I kind of wish you'd punched him in the mouth.
    ; )

    I understand bad days/weeks and the things they drive us to...

  13. I didn't get down to my FLGS today as my spouse was working. I wish I could clone The Sentry Box and send it to you, the staff here are a little more open minded.

  14. Well, as much of a toss-pot as thay gamer guy was, at least the store did something for Free RPG day. The staff at my local FP are so infuriatingly uninterested in doing anything at all that I have simply stopped going in at all.

    Still, that is a dazzlingly closed-minded and presumptious attitude to have about any part of the hobby. I mean, fair enough if he isn't interested in old school games, that's not a crime, but to dismiss it because WotC don't sell anything similar? Wow, just wow.

  15. As a retail professional, you don't bad-mouth any product or potential product like that, even stuff you are not planning to sell.

    Your job is to help the customer make an informed choice based on their own preferences.

    I don't care if he's her nephew, the owner needs to know about this. What she does is her own decision but at least you can have a clean conscience. We need to stop cutting people in gaming so much slack for unprofessional and antisocial behavior, especially if they are making a living off of it.

  16. Alas, there all too many idiots like that in our hobby. Go into a convention hall, close your eyes and reach out with a borrm handle. Guaranteed that someone like that is within tapping range.

  17. Yea, you just got to love them guys who hate everything, lets say ford's truck's. " Yea all ford trucks suck" yet they have NEVER drove one before in their lives.
    And those are the same guy who been to the moon twice like you said. I have a name for those guys
    "Commander McBragg".

  18. This dude is such a herpty derp. I know his dice inventory better than him, and I'm not in all that often, "Durrr, I don't think they make glow-in-the-dark dice anymore". What, like *those*? In your display case? *facepalm*