Thursday, July 5, 2012

Manor #2 on Sale


It's done.  Finished up with Ivy today.  Did a read aloud and tweaked what I found and hopefully its a good clean copy.  Print and PDF is available immediately.  Those who have ordered or subscribed the creepy butterflies will be taking the issues to the post tomorrow.  

The print button is active on both sites and the PDF is available at RPGNow.  If your a thrifty one then go for the subscription and get a break in the price.  Oh, and if anyone has a problem with the PDF let me know.  I think I got it right, but won't know for sure until someone downloads it.

Have a good one folks. 


  1. Sweet. I just paid and am looking forward to giving it a read. :)

  2. Thanks Christian. I'll be sending them out tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it. But if it sucks, burn it as an offering to the surf gods so you can get some good waves.

  3. Christian won't be burning anything - there is no suckage in issue #2 ;)