Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Manor, Issue #6 Unleashed!

Where you at?

Available on PDF at RPGNow and Lulu.

Well shit, look at that, it's done.  I hadn't realized it had been nearly six months from the last Manor.  I'm hoping to get the issues out a little quicker.

Anyway, here's issue #6 and a lot of great OSRians have added their own touches to this issue.  +matt jackson penned a perverse little brothel that you'll need to find a place for in your game.  +Jason Sholtis created the cover, a pimp halfling with a Cthulubeholder belt buckle.  Break it down and you get Cthul-lube-holder.  Yeah, we'll find our humor anywhere.  Jason drew a few of the ladies that you have to chose from.

+Ken H added three puzzle rooms.  Ken is great at creating puzzles.  These feature three sets of rooms and how to get from one room to another.  It's not as easy as opening a door.

I've added my Guard class.  A simple guard class that can be added to your game.  It gives the men on the wall a bit more personality and a few extra skills they would develop doing the job.  While being a guard is not the most glamorous job, this class makes it a bit more respectable.  A supplement to this is a random table of guard greetings.  Add variety to your "Halt, who goes there."

A lastly I wrote a short, low level adventure I really like.  There are so many good things coming out of OSR minds these days I wrote this adventure by using +Timothy Brannan's The Witch class.  His book helped tremendously with the atmosphere and culture development.  Throw in a +matt jackson map which I think I got from one of Moleskin Map series.  And finally +Dylan Hartwell whose Big Book of Spiders shaped the adventure.  And Dylan went out of his way and helped me with art for the adventure.  His creepy style really enhances the entire piece.  It was fantastic using these things that others have created and combining them to make something of my own.

I'm really happy with how this issue turned out.  Even down to the editing process.  +Ken H helped again in this regard.  Although he said that he could find nothing wrong with his piece.  It was perfect.  And the last couple nights, Ivy helped a ton with reading it aloud and making changes, tightening up the prose and calling out when something didn't make sense.  This issue took a little while to get out, but the process was a lot of fun.

I want to thank everyone I've mention for making this issue happen. 


  1. Congrats! That must be a real load off your mind to get it out the door.

  2. Not the most highbrow publication--but certainly one of high quality! ;)

  3. Halfling Pimps for the win!

    I picked this up as soon as you posted about this morning. I have to say it does not disappoint. I love the witch adventure (naturally) but it is all great stuff.

  4. Good work Tim.
    Can't wait to get my copy.
    See you soon

  5. Sa-weet. I'll have to pay myself now so that I can get a copy!

  6. Wow, that sounds like a bumper issue. Great job, Tim!

  7. Looking good, Tim. Congrats!