Sunday, June 29, 2014

Micro-Adventure #4: The Pierced Children

Here is my latest addition, Micro-Adventure #4: The Pierced Children.  You can go on over to Patreon and download it for free like all my other offerings.  If you like it, maybe throw a quarter into the till.  Either way, please download it and give it a read. 

This micro-adventure kept wanting to creep into full adventure mode.  One of the things I enjoy about writing these is keeping it concise and cutting away all the frivolous additions.

To conserve space for this entry, since many of the opponents were the same I just used a generic stat block at the end and if there were any variations I added them into the text of the encounter.  

+Thaumiel Nerub wrote a review about MA #1: Norman's Gone Missing.  He estimates it took him 1-2 minutes to read and that included prepping time and it takes 15 - 30 minutes of game time.

+Erik Tenkar also wrote a quick post about MA #3: The Pig and The Ogre.  He's itching to get a grease pencil and mark it up.  Great idea!

For those who are members of my Patreon offerings I'll be sending out laminated copies of the micro-adventures every so often and other surprises I am cooking up.

+Christian Walker took the time to post a few words about my laminated version of MA#3: The Pig and The Ogre.

There seems to be a lot of cats with my maps.  Maybe I should start selling these things at the pet stores. 

And to those who are already supporting my Micro-Adventures, a huge thanks.  It is appreciated and I hope to make it worth your while.


  1. I love the cats posing with your work. Erik's cat looks very squishy and cute. This new installment of your series looks fabulous.

  2. Your micro-adventures really look great Tim.