Friday, June 13, 2014

Some Magic Items

Here are a few of the magic items I've created in my first two micro adventures.  The second is almost done.  I'm hoping to post it tonight sometime.  I've linked my Patreon page, but they will always be hear to snag.  I thought I'd give an example of some of my down home magic items.  None of them are too powerful (there are from low level adventures), but I think have a interest slant to them. 

Necklace of Noctum (From MA #1)
Allows the wearer to control 3HD of undead.

Bovolo's Harness (From MA #2)
This is a vesture made from preserved flesh.  I add +2 to AC and saves.  It also grants the wearer to go unnoticed among mindless undead such as, but not limited to skeletons and zombies.  This who have downloaded my Mini Manor: Faces Without Screams will recognize Bovolo is the name of the boss creature in that adventure.

Grave Dagger (From MA #2)
A Grave Dagger is considered to be magical in combat, but it provides no bonuses for to hit or damage.  It is a ceremonial dagger that when used in animating skeletons or zombies, these will be the strongest of their kind.  Meaning, they get their maximum hit points.

Enjoy folks.  It's Friday.


  1. Wow it takes a special kind of person to wear Bovolo's Harness. Ick. :)

    1. Why so icky Chris? Don't you wear leather shoes and I think your driving gloves are leather also. ha

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I like low powered, but useful items.