Sunday, July 6, 2014

Matt Jackson, Zine Maestro

The other day I mentioned I received a zine, A Collection of Presentations, Cartographical in Nature: Patreon Maps, Vol. 1, created by +matt jackson.  A collection of his maps accompanied by flavor text to bring the maps alive.

The physical nature of the zine is incredible.  Matt pays a lot of attention to the details.  To the paper he selects for the cover and inside pages, to the stitch binding and to the rounded corners.  Matt has made his zine into a piece of art beyond the content.

His layout is simple and effective.  A short write up on one side of the page and the accompanying map.  I couldn't capture the true color of the pages.  It looks like yellowed antique pages from an old tome. 

Matt chose a font to give the appearance his zine was written with an old typewriter.

You can see here that he hand bound each zine.  And each map has a footnote that gives the name of the map and the date it was published.

Matt has created a zine that sets the bar for me.  It seriously is an fantastic zine.  And while I am singing the praises of Matt, the guy is humble and generous.  This month he is leading a funding drive for Wounded Warriors.  You can join in the drive by either joining his Patreon page and donate for every map that's published.  He's got top-notched guys lined up.  You'll get enough maps to run an entire campaign without ever having to pick up a pencil.  Or if you just want to donate direct please click on WWP Project page.  Matt's looking to raise $1000 and he has already raised over $400.  He's running it for the month of July.  Let's see if we can smash the shit out of that $1000 goal!


  1. Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed the zine. I am enjoying the process of making these as much as I am in seeing others enjoy them.

    1. Matt, where can I get one of these? Ta.

    2. Eventually they will be up on my blog. Unfortunately work has slammed me so hard this week (and the next two) and I am focused on my Wounded Warrior Project map drive for the rest of this month.

      Once that wraps up, I will turn my attention to getting these available for everyone.

    3. Can I buy one of these Matt Jackson?

    4. Great, I'll look forward to seeing it. Thank you.

  2. Absolutely incredible! I treasure my copy. :)