Monday, September 8, 2014

The Evidence Before the Court is Incontrovertible

So today I bring you evidence of an awesome mail day.  While the post box looked normal, dull gray as always, inside it contained treasures.

We have four items standing judgement.  All wrapped in inconspicuous packages awaiting the reveal.

Exhibit A: A postcard map from +Simon Forster.  Simon is obviously guilty of producing cool maps.  The man cannot help himself, but the severity of his punishment will not be diminished.

Exhibit B:  An off-white greeting envelope. 

Inside is the 3rd issue of Crawling Under a Broken Moon by +Reid San Filippo.  As one witness stated, "Reid is a guilty bastard."  Without a doubt he is guilty of producing a fantastic zine.

Exhibit C:  A simple looking envelope with surprising heft. 

Hmm, still more secrets.  Cardboard protected.

Wrapped in paper.

Ah, it is obvious guilt.  A steal off of eBay for the Thief's Handbook.  In this case, I to am guilty of this one.

Exhibit D: A bound cardboard box. 

Some try to conceal their guilt by wrapping it in plastic and soft, squishy sheets.

This is the most damning evidence I've seen in quite some time.  +John Stater's Monster Tome for his Blood & Treasure game and +Courtney Campbell's Hack & Slash Compendium.

After looking at all the evidence it is clear this mail call is guilty of being awesome.