Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Path Not Chosen - Patreon Adventure

The Path Not Chosen is my 12th micro-adventure I have completed for my Patreon campaign.  It is a very simple encounter with a twist.  The adventure is free to the public, but if you like what you see and want to join my patreon please do.  I'm only $2 short of my next goal.  Sometimes I send surprises in the mail to my patrons.

Here's what folks get, a PDF of the adventure.  Most of the time it is a single-page, but I do allow myself to blather on more sometimes.  A color, hand drawn map, as you can see above.  The map comes in two versions, one has details for the GM to run the adventure and the second map is blank so you can use it with your players for the adventure or you could use the map for something completely different.  Maybe you just needed a map with a trail winding through a forest.  Now you  have one.

I design these adventures to be played within a few minutes of the GM first putting his or her eyes on them.  The adventure above is design for a party who is going someplace and the GM wants to throw a little something at them between here and there.  It takes no time just to throw a micro-adventure in.

Please head over to my Gothridge Patreon page and download some adventures.  Enjoy!


  1. This has a wonderfully, creepy Blair Witch quality to it. I suspect my players will be encountering it sooner rather than later as they are deep in the woods at present ;-)