Sunday, December 20, 2015

Star Wars Memories

I start this post with saying I haven't seen the new Star Wars.  I'll probably check it out after the holidays and the initial rush has died down.  I'm in no hurry to see it.  I prefer to have the theater as empty as possible.  In this day of cell phones it's hard for me to enjoy a film with people are texting or taking calls during a movie.  I get frustrated, it takes me out of the movie and then I'm wish I had the super power to destroy electronic devices with a thought and maybe cause the inconsiderate texting fucks 2nd degree burns.

And a few years back when Star Wars did a re-release of Star Wars, 25th anniversary I think.  They added like 14.87 seconds of new footage that everyone was eager to see.  Friends and I bought opening day tickets just for shits and giggles.  I spent most of the movie defending myself from kids running around the theater with light sabers and the parents thinking it was cute.  I enjoy the hell out of kids getting dressed up and having a blast, cracks me up, but when I'm at the movies I want to watch the movie and not get whack in the head by a kid dressed like a storm trooper.  I don't think that is much to ask.  I waited a few weeks to see the other two when they were released and was able to watch the movie without the fear of a concussion.

But I love Star Wars.  I am not a super fan where I can tell you how many doors are in the Millennium Falcon or even what the different light saber colors mean.  But I enjoy it enough to appreciate a good Greedo or Porkins reference.  But I still don't know what a nerf herder is.

My favorite Star Wars memory was going to the movies in May of 1977, just freshly turned 9.  As part of my birthday my mother took me to see Star Wars.  Back then I was just happy to go to the movies.  Didn't know much or anything about Star Wars, it was a movie and that meant enough popcorn, candy and soda to make me sick to my stomach.  Perfect.

When I got into the theater I saw two of my friends.  We talked and I asked if I could sit with them.  She let me and off we went to the front rows where your face is nearly smooshed into the screen.  This was the first time I got to sit with friends at the movies.  It was a huge deal.  Then the movie started.  Seeing the light saber for the first time, those scary ass sand people and Darth Vader was big, and I wasn't sure what to call the guys in white armor.  Han Solo was my favorite character, but not because he was cool and shot first, but because he could understand Chewbacca.  The movie stayed with me.  I was able to see it a second time when my dad took me to see it for my birthday.  And I couldn't wait until the next one.

Star Wars, The Phantom Menace was also the first movie my now wife and I went to.  While the movie sucked wookie balls, I didn't care.  I couldn't tell you what happened in the movie.  But it served as a backdrop to our first real date.

With the new Star Wars I've heard murmurings of good.  I am not one that is too critical, I'm there for a good time.  I know once I hear that opening music (is there any other music that gets you more excited for a movie?!?) I'll be 9-years old again, sitting a few more rows back, waiting for that first shot and sound of a light saber on screen. 


  1. @ Tim:

    Huh. I never realized you were so old!
    ; )

    (BTW it really is NOT too much to ask to enjoy a film in peace; I wouldn't stand for that shut myself)

  2. JB: lol yup, I am that old, but most days I don't feel it. Most days. I think the last opening day I went to was the LotR Two Towers, opened on a Wednesday, skipped work and went to an early showing. Was surprised by the numbers who also had the same idea. Only had two guys behind me, for whatever reason they kept talking about a Star Trek film that had just been released during the movie (dumb asses), but after I asked them once to please be quiet I didn't hear them for the rest of the movie.

    These days with everyone so self-important who cannot be be in constant contact every second, it just gets me too angry to go during the busy times.

  3. Cool SW memories! I was 5 in May '77 when my folks took me to see it. My mum told me I ran about the house with a hockey helmet and stick for months after shouting "I'm Dark Fader!" Figures I dug the bad guy. :-)

    I think I'll wait till the theatres calm down before I see the new one as well. Less aggro like you say, Tim!

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  5. I'm seeing it in a few hours. I have a feeling that everyone will be so excited they'll put their phones away. We'll see. Anyway, I'll be too distracted by the new STAR WARS happening right before my eyes!

  6. Star Wars was the first grown-up (read "non-Disney") movie I ever saw (I was eight).

  7. You crack me up son. You were excited to go and it was fun for me to take you. I never thought that Star Wars would be around this day and age.
    I too can't wait to see the new movie.
    Merry Christmas

  8. I saw the original trilogy in reverse order, and only Return of the Jedi was in theatres. Of course, I was only a year old when the first one was released, so perhaps I will be forgiven ;) I watched all three on the first date with the man who became my husband, watched each re-release in theatre with him (we knew the movies so well by that point that I think we actually dozed off during one of them), watched the horrible prequels together, and finally, this time round I waited eight hours in line so that me and he and our two boys could all watch it together at that first showing on December 17. Our younger one's just shy of 6, and our older one is 9 - both loved it. Although you probably wouldn't have wanted to sit near our youngest, as every once in a while he felt compelled to ask me questions about what was happening. ;)