Tuesday, December 15, 2015

One Waiting One Prisoner One Sacrificed on Sale Now (Only 50 Available)

Howdy folks, I have a little adventure I would like to offer you and your gamers, One Waiting One Prisoner One Sacrificed.  This adventure is a combination of three micro-adventure I wrote for my patrons.  The adventure starts with the party looking for three missing children and the investigation takes them into the fey realm.  There, the party explores the strangeness of the forest as the search for clues of the children's whereabouts.  And why are the fey so terrified?  The last part of the adventure takes the party into a twist tower on the edge of chaos.  And in like true fairy tale fashion, there is no "and they lived happily ever after".

The zine is 20 pages long that feature my hand drawn color maps, artwork from Forge Studios and some helpful advice from my wife, she told me when you make children into stew, the stew is not boiled, it is simmered.  I stand corrected.

I am only selling 50 copies and I've set aside a few others for giveaways.  So if you want a copy grab one quick.  I hope they don't last long.  If you are in the US it'll be $6 and everywhere else in the world it is $7.  Just use the Buy Now button below!

Where am I sending it?

Or if you prefer to TPK the party electronically, here is the PDF of One Waiting One Prisoner One Sacrificed.