Friday, February 26, 2016

d6 Random Tavern Patrons

1. Ullgur
A squatty, muscular man with a thick accent.  He face is scarred and battered.  He talks and laughs loud.  He has a tendency to invade people's space.  He doesn't do to intimidate, but to show he is friendly even though it puts a lot of people off.  An ex-gladiator/soldier/mercenary has a million stories to tell and some of them are even true.  But there is a 1 in 6 chance that Ullgur is a dark mood.  During this time he is quiet and quick to anger.  When in the tavern, he uses non-lethal techniques.  One of his worst fears is returning to the prison.

2. Ellagrane
She is always carrying several small pouches with her, usually around her belt.  She works for an herbalist collecting reagents for potions.  She carries three knives on her at all times.  One for harvesting the reagents, one for protection and one for backup if the other two go dull or break.  She has close friends she sticks with at the tavern, but loves to hear gossip of what is going on in the noble house.  Ellegrane is a fair expert on the relationships within noble houses, who is with who, who is fighting, who is sick, who is pregnant and knows what they like.  She'll ask for money for the information, but will talk about either way.

3. Perry
Brown hair, one-eye, walks with a limp and always has a smart ass comment.  Perry thinks he's funny, but more often he just pisses them off.  He's in the condition he's in because of his mouth.  He doesn't mean to be mean, but has no idea when to shut up.  He has a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  The taverns allow him in for a short time because he has money from his stable business.  After a few beers they ask him to leave, they have had enough by that time.

4. Orien
A former warrior, he is now frail and timid.  After a battle with a undead creature that shattered his spirit he's been unable to do much.  He drinks to calm himself.  But he often drinks until he gets sick.  He is a good guy when sober and is always looking for work.  He gets most of his money mucking out stalls.  He also helps out a few older folks in town who need help with repairs or general chores.

5. Talgert
A tall woman who frequents the tavern to sell her knives.  She specializes in throwing knives.  The tavern owners take a cut of the sales.  She is an excellent salesperson.  She makes the knives herself and she is an expert with them.  She used to belong the thieves guild, but they were taking too much of her profit, so she left after killing two of them.  While they haven't bothered with her since, they are planning something.  Talgert knows this, but isn't too concerned.

6. Ellor
Ellor always has an large pipe between his lips.  His stark white beard and mustache are stained with dark tobacco stains.  He is friendly, loves to tell stories and never turns down a drink.  He is a good source of information if you are willing to stick around and listen to his story.  He has a knack for discovering secrets.


  1. Very nice! You can never have too many tavern patrons. I shall definitely keep this in my pocket for the game with Brie.

  2. Yes. You can never have too many random tables.

    I particularly like Orien... people think of adventurers getting rich, or getting dead, but you could just as easily get level-drained by some dirtbag undead, get PTSD, and end up mucking stalls and drinking yourself to death.


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