Friday, April 22, 2011

Blackmarsh Give Away Winners

 Well it's Friday and time to give away a pair of Rob Conley's Blackmarch print copies.  I've assembled a Wandering Blogger Table filled with bloggers from all over the world and that's just cool.  I ordered the two copies of Blackmarsh already, which will come to me then I'll ship them from here.  For some reason I couldn't figure out how to do third party shipping with print products.  No biggie.

Here goes:

Wandering Blogger Table (d4d10)
  1.       Bard
  2.       II Male
  3.        Zombiecowboy
  4.       Bob
  5.       James C.
  6.       Sully
  7.       The Angry Lurker
  8.       dogrodeo
  9.        Jonathan Bingham
  10.      Malakor
  11.       James Maliszewski
  12.      Acrobatic Flea
  13.      Sean Robson
  14.    Risus Monkey
  15.     Dyson Logos
  16.    seaofstarsrpg
  17.     Matthew W. Schmeer
  18.     Ark
  19.     Paladin
  20.     Mike
  21.     Lasgunpacker
  22.     retrorpg
  23.     Akrasia
  24.    satyre
  25.     Roger the GS
  26.     Pat
  27.     DocStout
  28.     Porky
  29.     Jovial Priest
  30.     James
  31.     C.D. Gallant-King
  32. DRANCE
  33. Trey
  34. Shinobicow
  35. iZombie 
  36.  Jagatai
  37. Professor Pope
  38. mikemonaco
  39. Alan 
  40. roll twice...yes there is a possibility of giving away a third!
Sean Robson from Tales of the Flaming Faggot
Dyson Logos from A Character for Every Game

I've fired off notices to both bloggers so I know where to send their prizes.  Thanks again to everyone who stops on by.