Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Blog has Style

The Stylish Blogger Award has seeped into the OSR.  Bard of The Clash of Spear on Shield gave it to me.  I'm supposed to share seven things about myself and those that know me know that I will make up most of it, but just enough will be true.  

Random Possible Facts About Gothridge Manor
1-3 My favorite series of fantasy books is Thieves World.
4-6 During a gaming session I picked up another gamer and shook him upside down until the d20 he stole from me came out of his pocket.
 7  I hate doing women's voices when I GM.
8-10 For my real job I work with homeless people, criminals and displaced half-orcs.
11-14 Never smoked in my life, don't drink and I can still sing like Tom Waits.
15-17 I was the captain of the fresh water clam reclamation team in the tri-county area and on the side I was a sky diving instructor.
18-20 My wife, Whisk, was a mail order bride from Jersey.

Thank you Bard for the award.


  1. I also work with the dispossessed.

    Though mine are more crazy, then homeless. We get our fair share of criminals.

  2. I don't remember you turning him upside down but I also recall he didn't have a choice about returning the die either.

  3. -C Yeah most of mine are too.

    Rob > Poor Will never had a chance.

  4. I don't know what's crazier...that Whisk was a mail order bride, or that she's from Jersey (and still classy!).
    ; )

  5. 4-6 was funny and I would do the same, 18-20 how can you say such a thing, is this service still available though?

  6. what happend to the non elected prsident of the breakfeast club?

  7. Your blog does have style. The seven things is the hardest part. I don't know much about Jersey, but it's gone up in my estimation.

  8. I sure hope the singing like Tom Waits part is true... and enough with the Jersey bashing folks, we're not all tanned, self-absorbed cretins, I'll have you know. The tanning is totally optional.

  9. Old-school random facts chart, a la "rumors" table from an inn found in any classic module. Clever.

  10. At first I thought of the Channel Island ;)

  11. Did you use a random table to select your mail order bride? Unlike your teleport rolls, your bride rolls seems to have worked out very well.