Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick and Effective NPCs

The players are wandering through a town and there are hundreds of possible NPCs.  Detailing that many NPCs is a pain in the ass and not necessary.  But, the GM still needs to be prepared when the players interact with one of them.  Here's a quick and effective way to add a little flavor with your NPCs.  If you are a god of GMing than ignore this mortal's suggestion.

Okay grognards and grognardlings, pull out your AD&D DMG.  The one with the scary effretti on the cover.  If you don't have one you should be ashamed.  Turn to page 101 or, these charts are in the back also on page 237.  All you need for a quick NPC is right there in those page of charts.  I am using these as an example because they were the first charts I used to create quick NPCs.

Look at the charts and roll on two of them.  That's all just two.  We don't have to get all complicated.  So create as many pair of traits as you think you'll need for your NPCs.  Do this ahead of time.  Should take a whooping fiveminutes.  Now you have a list of trait so when the players randomly speak with an NPC you can give him or her some depth. 

These little touches make a difference, adding to the whole experience of the game.  Of course use any personality table of your choosing.  There are a billion of them out there.  Just remember to keep it simple.

Next on time on Gothridge Manor, Quick and Effective NPC groups.