Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Way to go Dr. Rotwang!

The other day Dr. Rotwang was panicking because he could not find his WORLD BUILDER'S GUIDEBOOK!  With a little direction from Gratuitous Saxon Violence, Dr. Rotwang soon found it...over there...under that thing.  I read it laughed because my wife calls me the 'worst looker forer ever'.  Then it hit me.  World Builder's Guidebook?  What the hell is that?  I don't have one.  I don't even have one to lose.  So off I go to eBay and I found a roughed up copy for a fair price.  Then while I was looking around I found The Compleat Adventurer.  Never heard of that one either that I remember.  And how could I not buy it?  It's a hardcover.  So with only a little over $21 points of damage to the wallet I came away with what I think will be two very interesting supplements I'd never seen before.  So thank you Dr. Rotwang for being so careless with your book.  Because you lost yours, I found mine.

Sounds like one of those horrible after school specials.  The only one of those I remember is Scott Baio playing a teen-ager who was an alcoholic and after a drinking binge fell to his knees on his friend's floor and urinated all over himself.  It was a special moment.