Friday, April 8, 2011

Villains, S&W Style Part 4

Not afraid to be the stereo typical mad mage in the isolated tower, Renolf, has attempted to imitate those horrible spell casters that have come before him.  Except one, Renolf is not a mage and two, his tower is nothing more than an abandon grain silo at the edge of his village.  When he comes into the village he reminds people to call him 'the Dark'.  All horrible mages need to have a moniker.

Being delusional and magically inept doesn't keep him from being dangerous.  Renolf the Dark has not been able to bring himself to do anything too horrible.  Most of his 'evil' is loosened the fence allowing the cattle and sheep to wander off.  He's broken farming tools and one time he elbowed a large pig.  What Renolf does in his 'tower' that is evil is not mention the creatures he sees at night.

He believes these creatures are there because of him.  To assist him when he begins his reign of darkness.  At night he sees the creatures stalking the treeline and on a couple of occasions seen two flying.  The numbers are increasing and the creatures are edging closer to the village.  He is excited and more obnoxious around others knowing they will all be kneeling before him soon.

Renolf has no significant stats, nor any equipment.


  1. I agree - what a great character!

  2. I triple dog agree!

    Renolf is one of those guys you can mess over characters with so easily. The PCs run in with guns ablazing, only to discover the guy they just fire-balled was 0th level. As they are still scratching their heads, the monkey barrel full of demons pops open. :)

    - Ark