Friday, April 1, 2011

Knowledge Illuminates March Sales

My latest entry on my journey selling my adventures.  Knowledge Illuminates has been for sale just under two months and March turned out to be a better month than I expect.  I participated in the GM's Day sales RPGNow had in the beginning of the month and that helped increase my sales. 

For March, I had 15 sales for a total 52 sales.  Ten of the sales were during the GM's Day Sale.  The gross sales for March were $50, making the total gross sales $198.  So March put $32.50 into my pocket for a total of $128.70.  A total of 17 comp copies have been downloaded.

Right now there are 18 people who have Knowledge Illuminates on their wish list and 3 have it in their cart.  The total product views at RPGNow is 3654 for an average of 70.3 views per sale. 

I was pleased with the sales from GM's Day sale.  What I didn't do well is get more progress done on the new Starter Adventures.  Most of my extra time was spent editing Rob Conley's Blackmarsh and working on my One-Page Dungeon contest.  So where as I did get some things done I did not get what I wanted done.  I am hoping to finish the rewrites of the original Starter Adventures then double the size.  Get Rob to do some maps and then get some very cool pictures.  I plan on offering the original version of Start Adventures for free with the addition of the maps.  The new Starter Adventurers will be double or more the size, with maps and art included.  This will be my first attempt at using the print option.  I hope April proves to be a productive month.

It's Friday!!!  I am so glad.