Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vision Factors in Game

Not very often do visual factors come into play in game just to stream line combat.  I think the only time when it has become a factor was in total darkness (as per the spell).  I am not going to get into the special abilities of the different visions.  Maybe this is a human centric discussion or rambling thought. 

Here are some factors that I would see that could come into play, there are probably more, but I won't remember them all.  They will be broken down into categories of penalty.  This is just off the cuff thinking, I have no rules in front of me and no rules behind my back.  This is all out of my ass.  So wash your hands afterwards.

-6 To Rolls
Total Darkness
High Winds

-4 To Rolls
Heavy Smoke
Heavy Rain
Heavy Fog
Sun Glare
Really Drunk

-2 To Rolls
Partcial Darkness
Light Smoke
Light Fog
Snow Glare
Kinda Drunk

-1 To Rolls
Light Rain

Let me know what you think?  Should I include them or toss them into the bin?  I am not in love with them, but I think a standardized set of conditions with predetermined penalties might be good.  If you think of other conditions let me know.  Now go wash your hands.