Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Square = 5 Feet, Part 3, Revenge of Bester

You can find the previous sessions here, Part 1 and Part 2.

When I last left off Chester met a quick death in Christian's dungeon.  Actually he never made it into the dungeon.  He died on the doorstep.  His brother Hester and a friend Huckster went to the dungeon to avenge Chester's death, but they too fell to the evils of Christian's dungeon.  Now word of the brothers' deaths reached the ears of their father, Bester. 

Again, I am using Swords & Wizardry Complete Rule Set.  I rolled 4d6 for the stats removed the lowest die.  Here are Bester's stats, S: 18, D: 11, C: 18, I: 14, W: 14, Ch: 12.  I rolled for three magic items (considering his level), two minor and one medium level.  He scored a +2 battle axe, a cloak of displacement and a manual of beneficial exercise, which raise his 17 strength to an 18.  Being a hardcore mercenary for several decades Bester wears plate mail, but prefers not to use a shield.  Giving him an AC of 18 with the cloak.  He prefers to wield his battle axe with two hands and gains the +1 bonus to damage for a total of d8+6 damage.  He gets +2 to hit due to level, +2 to hit from his axe and +2 to hit for his strength, for a total of +6 to hit. 

Bester has a faithful companion that has traveled with him for several years, Stoner, an odd little fellow, part dwarf, part halfling.  Though not large can carry  twice his weight and his excellent hearing sometimes has come in handy.  Stoner carries all the basic adventuring equipment needed.

On with the adventure...
Bester approaches the entrance to the bandit cave.  A new iron gate with a big ass lock secures the entrance.  Bester gives the might pull on the iron gate and it fails to budge.  "Crowbar."  Stoner places one into Bester's outstretched hand.  Bester leans into the bar and the lock snaps open.  Stoner returns the crowbar to its spot. 

As Bester steps in he spots a viper slithering forward.  He smashed the blunt side of his axe towards the viper's head, miss.  The viper lunges, miss.  The next round Bester wins initiative and tries to smash the bothersome snake, hit.  He does 7 points of damage.  The viper has 2 remaining.  The viper attacks Bester's hand as he withdraws his axe, its small teeth break on his metal armor.  Bester finishes off the viper with another crushing blow from his axe. 

End of Issue 1's Encounter

Stoner motions that he hears something up ahead.  The corridor turns to the right.

End of Issue 2's Encounter

Bester edges his way to the corner and looks around.  He spots a ratman with a snake in his hand.  Bester leaps from his cover and charges.  The ratman throws one of the snakes just missing Bester.  It hits his plate mail and falls to the floor.  The ratman flees down a flight of stairs.  With a might swing of his battle axe the snake is sliced into two as he does 13 points of damage.  "Let's move."  He shouts to Stoner and sprints after the ratman. 

End of Issue 3's Encounter

The stairs spiral down 30 feet and ends at a ledge over looking a shallow water channel.  Bester spots the ratman (Revus) squatting in the shadows.  "You snake chucking bastard," Bester howls and charges.  Revus fires his hand crossbow and the small bolt breaks as it his the breastplate.  Bester leaps into the air and swing down with all his might to cleave Revus into bits.  Hit, doing 10 points of damage.  The blow knocks Revus to the ground. 

"Mercy.  I am just a servant.  Mercy."  Revus covers his head with his arms.

"Did you give my boys mercy?"  Bester grabs Revus up easily and smashes him against the wall doing another point of damage.  "You burned their bodies,"  he spits between clenched teeth.  Bester heaves Revus to the ground.  "Arm yourself."  Revus scrambles backwards holding up his hand.  "No.  No."  His plea is cut off as Bester's axe lodges itself in the ratman's thin chest. 

Without asking Stoner hand Bester a flask of oil.  The dwarf empties the contents on convulsing ratman.  Stoner lights a torch and hands it to his lord and watches as the body easily ignites into a violent burst of flames. 

End of Issue 4's Encounter

Bester watches the body burn for a short while, idlely cleaning the blood from the blade of his axe.  "I am going to kill them all."  Bester said.  Stoner nods, "I'd expect nothing less and neither would your boys."  "Then we have work to do."

Bester explores each of the water channels finding each passage blocked by iron bars.  As he inspected the final set of iron bars Bester saw a section of the bars were cut away and an opening in the right wall.  With a cation, Bester peers into the opening and sees a ladder that climbs through a hole in the ceiling.  Bester turns to Stoner "Stay here for a moment while I check it out above."

The sound of footstep can be heard from above.  With a slight hesitation Bester quickly climbs the ladder.  It looks like a small basement and with a small set of stairs going up.  Bester sees the legs of someone running up the last part of the stairs before a door at the top of the stairs is slammed shut.

End of Issue 5's Encounter 

This time things have gone a bit better for Bester, than his unfortunate sons.  When I I get issue 6 this adventure will continue as Bester reaps his revenge.  Thanks again to Christian for sending out One Square = 5 Feet.  I'm a huge fan.