Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Blog Post Topic Generators from The Rusty Battle Axe

All praise David at Tower of the Archmage for archiving this post from Rusty.  I included it in my blogging links page.  So if your ever stuck for a topic go here.  Its a good exercise. 

Thanks Rusty.  I know your listening.  Actually I am listening to you right now cast a fireball at a tile creature.  I haven't had eyebrows since you learned 3rd level spells.


  1. He's back, it seems:

    and other outlets.

  2. Paladin > Yeah I miss his blogging I am lucky (or cursed depending on how you look at it) to game with him weekly.

    Carter > Not the same guy. I thought maybe he'd snuck back on without telling anyone, but nope just a different blogger with the same blog name.

  3. Well that's lame. Oh well, that's one less delusion to labor under.

  4. Tim, are you guys in the same geographic area, or is he web-commuting?

    Next time you talk to him, hi from me!

  5. Paladin> We game over skype on Monday nights. I sure will. Speak to him often.