Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Sales for Knowledge Illuminates

April ended up being a decent month, mainly due to James Maliszewski review.  I'd sold two up to the 18th this month then his review was published, I got a nice spike of nine sales over the next few days.  He may be the Oparh of the OSR.  Then Professor Pope released his very entertaining two-part play through of the adventure.

So here is the break down:
April Sales:       13
March Sales:     15
February Sales: 37
Total Sales:       65

Gross Profit: $250.00
Net Profit: $162.50

And it looks like Knowledge Illuminates earned a Copper Medal.  This was very cool to see.  From what I can figure it took 50 sales at RPGNow to earn it.  Sales to the other connecting sites don't seem to count.  If someone has information on what the numbers are please let me know.

Some of the cool things I've been able to do with the bit of money I've earned was buy some old school stuff on RPGNow of course.  Buy the two copies of Blackmarsh for the winners in my drawings.  Those will be sent out early next week.  And I was able to pay for part of Full License for Fantasy Grounds for friend who wants to GM. 

Thanks to everyone for your support.  I hope to have Starter Adventure out by the end of May.  Until then, keep those dice rolling.