Saturday, April 9, 2011

Redesigning My Blog

I've been considering going to a three column format so I can show more stuff.  Everything is getting pushed lower and lower.  I have all my side bar things that are somewhat amusing to me, like my running tally of gaming purchases of the year, but it does take up a lot of space.  Also I have my Newbie Blogger Award and its winners links which is important.  Of course I have my blog roll and the Brilliant People.  Then I need a section for the items I am currently working on, selling or promoting.

New sections I would like to add would be 'Cool Blog of the Week'.  This would be based on a single blog entry for that week.  I would like to add OSR links to great resources.  And do something like James over at Underdark Gazette does, by not so much pimping something for the week, but to show what product I am using currently or reading. 


  1. As an guy with increasingly sensitive eyes, put me down for a vote in favor of switching from white letters on black to some other less harsh arrangement.

  2. Sounds interesting -- looking forward to the changes!

  3. A nice bonus would be a full rss feed to go with the redesign.

    - Neil.

  4. Sounds great, my trouble is the nightmare it becomes when altering anything. My computer skills (and the time I would need to dedicate to get them), aren't up to it.
    Maybe you could leave some helpful hints for the rest of us sad computer illiterates (at least I full into this category when surrounded by the other OSR bloggers)

    Because you know, @Neil - I'm not even sure what a full rss feed is.

  5. So far I haven't had much luck. Like Joval my abilities with computer code/design/or the activity that causes me to swear a lot, I have no real knowledge of how to get things to work the way I would like. The columns have a limited amount of width even though there is a crap load of space on the sides. When I go to the 3 column set up it narrows the columns to a point I am not liking right now. Will need to fiddle with it more and see if I can figure something out.

  6. White text on black isn't a big problem for me, but the red text against a black background is really hard to read.