Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Years and Back

Tonight my AD&D campaign begins.  I have to say I am looking forward to getting into those old tables, looking through the books and discovering things (yes, I still do after 30 years), and I really hope to recapture some of that old time magic that this game held for me so long ago.  To clarify, a new version of that old time magic.  This game kept me out of trouble, got me into reading and really let me know it was okay to let your imagination to roam where ever it wanted.  That eventually led me to writing which I have been enjoying since then.

When we played this game we were young teenagers who were fascinated by the dice, the whole concept of playing a game without a board and having a chance at being a hero like we'd seen in the movies and read in books.  Back then is was find or buy a dungeon, go through it, get the stuff, then maybe hit a town then back to another dungeon.  Continuity wasn't important until later.

Now we are middle-aged men whose campaigns have developed into a bit more sophistication sociology-political-economic-religious melting pot, but besides all that, there is nothing like killing your first orc with a 1st level character.  That simple thrill never seems to go away.  So what I hope to do tonight is to capture some of that simple magic from thirty years ago when it was exciting to battle orcs and skeletons, goblins and trolls to the bitter end and wrap it in something we also enjoy today with the complexity of a society.

One last note, I found out this morning Andy Whitfield passed.  He was Spartacus in the Starz mini-series for the first season.  He had cancer and after 18 months lost his battle.  He did a great job and on a very selfish note I would have liked to have seen him continue on and complete the series. 

It also reminds me take advantage of the time we have.  To have fun.  To play the game we love.  And laugh with some friends as I draw horrible maps.  Have a good Monday folks. 

He was Spartacus.  The best one I've ever seen.


  1. Hey, man, happy adventuring, for sure! I'm glad to see someone else gushing about their excitement for our hobby. I'm sad also to hear about Andy Whitfield. I'm shocked. I didn't know his condition was that serious. You're right, something like the news of his death puts things back into focus. Live with love for those you love, and have fun with gaming, cause you never know...

  2. Damn! That's no age for a man to die. It really does make spending some time with your friends and killing orcs seem a little more poignant and a lot more nostalgic.

  3. Damn, that sucks, he was indeed the best Spartacus. But looking forward to the campaign tonight.

  4. I frequently flirt with the notion of returning to gaming roots by doing a game of AD&D, maybe running through one of the old classics again. Though I think my most proper retro experience would be D&D red box, and the collected B series: In Search of Adventure.

  5. It's sad about Andy Whitfield. He really was a great Spartacus.

    On a happier note, I hope you manage to recapture the "old time magic" in your game tonight. Good luck!