Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Finds at the Halloween Store

It's that time again when all those Halloween stores pop up in abandon store fronts.  Whisk and I went into one and I scored two very cool things and she got something for herself.  First off, I got a sign, "Zombies next 200km.  Love it.  It's hanging over my desk right now.  It suits the season and the fact we recently got the first season of The Walking Dead on BluRay it fits right in.

The second thing I scored was skull dice.  I got two sets of four.  How could I not get them.  I think they are a mandatory buy for any gamer.

Game night.  Third session.  It should prove to be an interesting one.  We left off with two of the three players getting showered with rot grubs.  I know I ended the session at the right time when all the players cry out at the same time.  Okay, one more picture of those beautiful dice.