Monday, September 5, 2011

The Verm - New Monster

As I was writing the dungeon for Starter Adventures I wanted to use a favorite critter of mine from the Fiend Folio, the Volt.  I really like the picture in the FF.  Although when I was hunting around I didn't see if it was under the OGL.   I'm lousy at figuring that stuff out.  So instead of trying to find out if it was covered under the OGL I decided to create my own critter based off the Volt.  This is how the Verm came about.  And Jason drew a kick ass picture for the Verm.  Because I have a handful of new monster I am adding a new section to Starter Adventures.  They will be a collection of low level guys you can throw into the fray.  Here is the Verm given in Swords & Wizardry Core stats.

HD:       1+1
AC:        5 [14]
Dam:     1d3 (bite), 1d4 (shock)
Move:   12
Save:     16
CL/XP:   3/60
Special: A successful bite causes 1d4 shock damage (save halves).

The verm are giant rats with a natural ability to channel electricity.  They travel within packs of normal giants rats.  They are territorial so only one is usually present in the pack, but sometimes there is a mating couple.  Verm are slightly more intelligent than normal rats and can use some minor tactics in a fight.  One of the more unusual things about verm is when not mating they often bond with an individual.  The individual can train the verm and the verm will serve them as the same as a dog.  But the territorial nature of the verm makes it difficult for the person to have friends.  The verm considers them competition and will look remove it. 


  1. FYI, the volt is OGL, it's in the Tome of Horrors Complete