Thursday, September 29, 2011

Into the Dark Lands Session 3 Notes

The System: AD&D with very few home brewed rules
The Dungeon Master: That would be me
The Players:
    Grim, halfling thief, 2nd level (Brian)
    Boog, half-orc fighter, 1st level (Rob)
    Corum, human cleric, 1st level (Rusty)
    Dickson, human fighter, 1st level (NPC)
The Locations: A Goblin Den, the fort, the forest

The second session left off with Corum and Grim in a shower of rot grubs.  The curtain that Grim pulled down was a patchwork of flesh.  Grim was quick to smash the four that fell on him.  Corum needed to burn one off him.  After they destroyed the rest of the squirming mass the players investigated the statue inside the room.  The body of the statue was made of stone, the wolf head was made of wood and was removable.  Behind the statue were two more wooden heads, one was of a bird and the third was a goblin.  Boog took all the heads.

The players continued to explore the den and found the temple.  Before they entered, Boog was charmed by a Goblin Lord.  Upon entering the temple a melee with four black goblins commenced.  My black goblins are 2HD creatures so they put up a good fight.  Dickson nearly died from bleeding out, but the party managed to stabilize him.  At the end of the fight the goblin lord appeared.  Boog began acting strange and agreeing with everything the goblin lord said.  The goblin lord explained he wanted to speak with them and form an alliance or at least a truce with the people of the fort.  In exchange he would make sure his goblins made no more attacks on the fort and would allow them passage through the forest without harassment.  He would also provide information about the area.  As a show of good faith, the goblin lord permitted Grim to keep the glowing sword he found last session and what power it possessed.  The sword can detect enemies.  Since I'm not using alignments I just change detect evil to detect enemies. 

On their return trip to the fort Grim saw a guild symbol scrawled in the dirt warning of danger.  Grim stealthed around the path and encountered Mo, a halfling thief, one of Waldron's men.  He hinted at not being to thrilled with Waldron and warned Grim that the traps they got from Bear were on the path and that Waldron was waiting to ambush them.  The party went around and avoided the situation.

The party informed Sterling of the Goblin Lord's offer.  He didn't see how turning it down would benefit them or by agreeing to it they would not lose anything.  In the morning one of the farmers and one of the adventuring mages had joined Waldron's ranks.  He is promising people women, gold and land. 

With the return visit to the Goblin Lord he informed them that one of the villages, Cason, would be attacked soon by the enemies of the goblin.  The hobgoblins.  He offered one of his black goblins as a guide.  They encounters a patrol of four hobgoblins and the fight was bloody on both sides.  The party retreated to a nearby cave to recover from the fight.  This is where the session ended.

So the currently plotlines are the overview of the fort dealing with the hostile environment, currently the hobgoblins.  Then there is a social conflict with a faction (Waldron's Men) breaking away from the fort and causing problems.  The area of story/plot that is lacking is the personal story lines, but that is something the players are developing.  Three sessions in and its been a lot of fun.


  1. Hey there Tim! Thanks for doing recaps! I know many people hate them, but I love them! It's proof that people are actually gaming instead of just talking about gaming. Yours are nice and concise, not too long. I think mine might be a bit too lengthy. Anyway, hope you get a chance to read mine for my current campaign:*

  2. Like Drance said, I like reading play reports too. I find it useful and to see how things unfold in others' games. It helps kickstart the imagination.

  3. It has been a blast, despite being KO'd by another PC (that was actually very entertaining).