Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I Am Using Tonight to Whip Up an Adventure.

I'm currently working on an adventure for my group.  Yes, not doing it last minute.  I'm a little shocked myself.  I may need to check my temperature.  No Rob, Brian or Rusty I will not be revealing any surprises here.  I drew my own map on graph paper.  The books I am using to help create it is the DMG pages 217- 219 have some great tables for a little inspiration for the rooms.  1ed Monster Manual.

And I have a couple of old school products at my side for this one also.  JB's B/X Companion and Zzarchov's Neoclassical Geek Revival.  I'm putting their products and ideas into action.  I highly recommend both of these. Why?  You can tell these guys have lived with what they wrote.  Where one expands on existing rules the other developed new micro systems within the game.  The last thing I am using is Chaotic Shiny Productions Treasure Horde Generator.  I did a review on this one a while ago and it still kicks a lot of ass.  I'm using it right now to assist in making some magic items and something else I can't mention here.

So this adventure is a whole conglomerations of products spanning over 30 years.  Pretty cool.  I hope to create an adventure that my players will enjoy.  Now I need to get off here and get back to the adventure.  After the players are done with the adventure I'll post it here.

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  1. I look forward to reading how things panned out.