Friday, September 23, 2011

Loviatar Looks Great in Orange

Christian has done it again.  Issue #3 of Loviatar is great, but this entry isn't going to be about the gaming content.  Most of us know Christian is top notch in that area.  What I want to focus on is the small editorial.  The two strong points he made there that I agree with and what makes this zine different from all the other offerings out there.

First, he is committed to print only for the zine.  I don't know if this makes it financially difficult to ship it across seas, but I do like that he isn't not going PDF because he wants to know who is enjoying his zine.  Plus, getting good stuff in the mail is always great.

Second, everything in the zine is written by Christian and how he explains it is almost poetic. I feel that the zine's identity comes from the personality of its creator, and should reflect his or her ideas, visions and quirks.  In that respect, a zine is an extension of the writer.  Accepting submissions changes that, moving the zine author from role of creator in the job of editor.  I like that it will remain a one man show and this is what sets it apart from the other excellent old school magazines out there accepting submissions.

If you haven't gotten a subscription yet than I suggest you do.  It is money well spent.  Now on to another one man show.  It can be done with flair and fun.  Well done Christian.  Looking forward to future issues.


  1. Great feedback on the 'zine but I have to give a big thank you for introducing me to that song and Taj Mahal in general!

  2. I'm glad you are digging the read. :)