Thursday, September 15, 2011

Critical Hit Table (Yes, Another One)

There are a lot of critical hit tables out there, some where around one critical hit table per 2.375 gamers.  Well for my Into the Dark Land campaign I made another.  I like my critical hits to mean something, but keeping it simple.  Splishy. splashy when the halberd hits the goblin guts.
  1. Maximum Damage
  2. Roll Double Normal Damage, roll normal damage the x2*
  3. Roll Double Normal Damage, roll twice as many damage dice*
  4. Exploding Dice
  5. Exploding Dice
  6. Roll Random Hit Location - if damage does more than half the creature's max hit points that limb/head is severed
  7. Roll Random Hit Location - hit location is crippled, if the head is hit that the person/creature is blind
  8. Add 1d4 to Damage
  9. Add 1d6 to Damage
  10. Add 2d6 to Damage
  11. Horrible Wound, this wound continues to do d6 of damage each round until healed
  12. Target is Knocked Unconscious
  13. Blow Through - if there is another target within striking range the player may attack again
  14. Increase Damage by One Die Type (a d4 would be a d6, a d6 into a d8 ect...)
  15. Roll Normal Damage, but Reroll All 1s
  16. Roll Normal Damage, but Reroll All 1s
  17. Knock Opponent Back 1 Square for Every 4hp of Damage
  18. Add 1d10 to Damage
  19. Add 1d12 to Damage
  20. Roll Twice On This List
*Strength Bonus and Magical Bonuses to damage are only counted once.

I'll post the Critical Failure table later on when I can format it to the blog.  It went all wonky when I tried to paste it in.  My players haven't even seen this chart so it will give them something to look forward to next week.


  1. Blimey. It almost hurts to read it. And in a long list of unlucky outcomes (for the other guy) no. 13 still stands out.

  2. I like this list. It's simple and to the point and quite fun. I think I'll give it a try.

  3. Thanks-I've just got my new d20 and I'll be using it!