Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Game Session Story

I know many do not like to read fiction on the blogs so I am not going to post what I wrote.  Besides its over 3500 words and that is too long of a blog.  Here is a download  for those who wish to read.  Warning though, this is a first draft.  I did this for my players and anyone else who might be interest.  I didn't go over it so typos will be abundant.  I'm just doing this as an interesting way to track the campaign.  It's a pretty good reenactment of what occurred during our game session.  I'm sure I have not gotten everything right and I know I took some liberties, but for the most part its our session in a short story (and maybe serialized) format.

If you have a long day at work today or waiting around in the doctor's office or ate a bad burrito it may help to pass the time. 

You can find it here.


  1. Thanks Tim. I enjoyed that very much. It's a nice contrast to the more usual narrative style of Game reports.

  2. Fun story and very well written. Sounds like it was a great game.