Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Kickstarted Done Good: Scarlet Heroes

There are a few people who get Kickstarter in my opinion.  And two guys get it right, +Joseph Bloch and my most recent Kickstarter backing with +Kevin Crawford.  Kevin started his Kickstarter for Scarlet Heroes only a couple months ago.  I think the Kickstarter campaign lasted longer than it took him to get a printed product into his backers hands.  I like the way these guys run their Kickstarters because 1) they already have it written 2) there is no confusing stretch goals that seem to be more of a detriment to a project and 3) both are excellent at writing game systems.  And as a bonus, Kevin released the Artpack for Scarlet Heroes into the Public Domain.  That is cool to the fourth power.

I bought two hardcovers and they were delivered a week later than +Erik Tenkar's.  He has a dark pact with the delivery gods...or they just set up Kickstater HQ in his basement since he backs every single one.  Anyway...The books are fantastic.  Great quality, images are crisp.  My only complain is come of the print is very dark.  Harshly dark in some places as if they had their super bold button on.  The system itself is very interesting and I've been reading through it and Kevin makes me feel like a muppet.  It's very good.  I'll do a review in a separate post.  Hell, I may even try one of those vlog reviews.

I wanted to give a shout out to Kevin Crawford for continuing to do an excellent job and this is one Kickstarter I was very glad to back. 

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