Thursday, April 3, 2014

GM Games Sales Report: March 2014

It's time again to share some sales numbers.  This is the the third month without a new release.  I will change that this month damn it.  *raised fist in the air*  I need to dedicate myself to learn how to do the POD covers.  That seems to be my biggest stumbling block now.  I'm sure I'll find a bunch more along the way.  Despite no releases sales have been steady in PDF form.  The print sales fell off to nearly nothing.  Only 2 this month.  On to the numbers and news.

Milestones: The Manor #4 reach a 100 sales.  

Up Coming Changes:
Printer: I'm getting a new printer.  I finally got tired of my old Epson spewing yellow ink all over and wasting reams of paper trying to clean it up.  Not to mention the money wasted on ink cartridges.  I've got it narrowed down to a couple of different printers, but I still haven't made my decision.

Manor Covers:  I've decided to go to red covers for the Manors.  Instead of having 10 different kinds of card stock laying around.  It will be cheaper for me.  Save me time to go look for card stock.  And It will give it a uniform look. 

Project Status Updates:
Manor #6: Is completely written.  I need to shoot it off to my proofreaders before the end of the weekend.  I'm waiting on more awesome art from +Jason Sholtis and +Dylan Hartwell.  I think this is going to be another cool issue.

Starter Adventures: It is edited, written, art finished and formatted.  I need to learn how to make the cover in light source and then get test copies.

Manor Compilation, Issues 1-5: I received the final cover from +Johnathan Bingham and his wife Daisy and it look amazing.  It is in the same boat as Starter Adventures.  Waiting on me to figure out technology.

March 2014
Knowledge Illuminates: released February 16th, 2011, print version released October 29th, 2012
PDF: 6 (12)   Print: 0   Total Sales: 408 (213)

The Manor, Issue #1: released May 5th, 2012
PDF: 2   Print: 0   Total Sales: 327

The Manor, Issue #2: released July 4th, 2012
PDF: 2   Print: 0   Total Sales: 244

Cave of Seiljua: released September 9th, 2012
PDF: (12)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: (567)
The Manor, Issue #3: released released February 7th, 2013
PDF: 2   Print: 0   Total Sales: 150

Mini Manor: Faces Without Screams: released April 19th, 2013
PDF:  (13)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: (286)

The Manor, Issue #4: released July 28th, 2013
PDF: 3   Print: 0   Total Sales: 100
Where is Margesh Blackblood?: released August 12th, 2013
PDF: 2 (9)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: 17 (194)

The Manor, Issue #5: released November 21st, 2013
PDF: 4   Print: 2   Total Sales: 90

Execution Corner: released December 15th, 2013
PDF: 4 (16)  Print: N/A  Total Sales: 28 (131)
Total Sales for February 2014
PDF: 25 (62)   Print: 2   Total Sales: 27 (62)


  1. Soon you won't have a printer that vomits yellow.

  2. Five years ago, when I got my last "new" computer, it came with a Cannon, though I was given the gift of an HP.

    I liked the HP, but back then, the cartridges couldn't be refilled, so I ended up using the Cannon. It was a nice enough machine, given the fact that refilling the cartridges saved about $20 back then.

  3. Congrats on the sales -- I'm looking forward to all the upcoming goodness!