Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Adventure Funnel: My Entry Into The One-Page Adventure Contest

Click, but step back.  I don't know how big this thing is going to get.
Last year I didn't enter the One-Page Dungeon Contest.  The year before that, I didn't enter.  I wasn't going to let another year go by.  I almost did.  Today I set a chunk of time aside to complete my adventure.  I was going to write a more traditional adventure, a little hamlet with a short underground crawl.  But my gaming mojo is running low.  So what I came up with was an adventure funnel by using maps and pictures.  From the campaign map, to the hex map, to interesting locations within the hex like monster lairs, towns and ruins, then funnel farther into the dungeon maps and then finally the inhabitants and the loot they are holding onto until you brave adventurers take their share.

The One-Page Dungeon Contest is a great OSR thing.  It's got some amazing prizes as it does nearly every year and some all-star judges.  You have a few days before the end of April.  Get yours in before its too late.


  1. That is awesome, Tim! As always, I love your colour maps, and the funnel concept is fantastic. I also like the graphic representation of room contents instead of descriptions. Very nice drawings! Good luck!

  2. I put a high value on maps (because I suck at making them) Kudos!

  3. The creativity here is off the charts. See, just drop a little acid and the gaming mojo returns.