Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Look Babe, Your Printer Arrived

Only I can't lift the box so Bug and Wiggy are keeping an eye on it for you.  Now, as long as this one doesn't vomit yellow everywhere too, you'll be good to go on the next Manor.

PS: We're out of Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow.  Please stop on the ride home.  Thanks and smooch. 

PPS: All your gamer dudes out there.  Aren't you glad your wives don't know the passwords to your blogs? 

PPPS: For those that might not know.  Tim's Epson started crapping yellow ink back after about a year of owning it.  They did nothing even though this was a known Epson ink issue. 

Then on Monday I found a different contact number and called for a free replacement.  Only thing, it's a refurbished model.  I asked the girl if it was going to be the same piece of crap we have now, or if it would work.  She assured me it would work.

Now, we have to wait for Poop-a-doopers to get home and see if it really works.  They also sent free ink.  It's a good day.