Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Nonchalant Egbert is Burning while This Urn Stands Alone Adventure

I thought of several titles for last night's game.  So I used them all.
  • The Nonchalant Adventure
  • Egbert is Bruning
  • This Urn Stand Alone
We had a full compliment of three mages and a dwarven meatshield.  In addition we had a small group of 'charmed' minions to get in the way of those nasty blades and arrows.

We met the Abbot Heinrick.  The big baddie from last adventure.  He made a threat.  We killed him.  We found another prophesy that was nearly unreadable.  I think I hurt myself a little trying to interpret it.  Although, it was not as bad as our trusty GM who needed to do yogi stretches during the session after yanking his back.  I believe the entire party was glad it was not a video session.  No one should have to suffer a GM in yoga pants!

We then inadvertently pissed off the god of the temple we were in by trying to steal, well not so much steal, as investigate the these bones protected by a nasty trap.  We did our best to stop the trap, but we all got singed anyway.  We put the bones back because once we did the healing pedestal stopped.  We needed that.  No clerics, no band-aids for the boo boos. 

We then went outside.  Ah, the fresh air.  But this foul stench reach me nose.  I turned to gib smack Egbert, he had a habit of casting stinking cloud out his ass, but then we saw a scene out of Bambi.  All the little animals were running.  A noxious green/gray cloud chased them. 

The party had to chose, track the cloud where it came from.  How do you track a cloud you may ask, follow all the corpses of all the slow animals that got caught.  Or return to Tarn and save the village from Mr. Grumpy Pants.

We decided to track the toxic cloud.  Deduction, I'm not so much worried about Mr. Grumpy Pants killing me, but that toxic cloud certainly looked to be able to do the job.

After two days we found a steel domed structure.  Our dwarf friend made short work of the door and inside we went.  Lots of metal things were going bang, click, clomp and bzzz.  I found a plaque and it said 'Armageddon Outpost 12'.  I was also attacked by stirges, but held my ground. 

A gentleman named Turd greeted us with a wrench.  I charmed him and he was very useful after that.  Turd showed us...his name was Runt, not Turd, but I remember him as Turd.  Anyway, he showed us around and he spoke of a Master.  We meet the master who is vaporous and mean.

The Master Squirted Egbert with acid.  A battle started.  Conner, the brilliant mind, ordered the party to attack the urns the Master was coming out of.  So while Darius battle the Master single-handedly, six of us battled the urns.  It was no easy task. 

Once the urns were destroyed the Master vanished, Egbert ran into the room with a giant book and threw it like a cross-eyed 10-year-old girl, still smouldering and poor Darius was nothing more than a charcoal we collected the loot and ended the adventure.

Another very fun adventure by +Chris C.  These adventure are no difficult or long, but there is a lot of cool nuances and these bit sized adventures are fun because you feel a that the party accomplished something.  There were a few times where anyone of us could have died.  Chris makes all his rolls in the open so no fudging.  The arch of the adventures, I think, is discovering who we are.  The Cindarians.  We are catching glimpses to the bigger story.  Very cool.


  1. I believe the entire party was glad it was not a video session. No one should have to suffer a GM in yoga pants!

    Don't be silly. If it had been a video session, I would have removed my yoga pants.

  2. On, and don't forget to give yourself 100 xp for this!