Monday, April 21, 2014

Games I'm In

Tonight is my standard Monday Night game.  I can't even remember how long I've been gaming on Mondays.  Has got to go back 15 years.  There were gaps of no activity, but Monday's has been standard and been through a few groups. 

This Monday we have Ephemera by +Chris C. of The Clash of Spear on Shield blog.   I think we will be entering out 6th session.  I've already had one character murdered by his malicious hand, but so far my mage, Conner has survived.  Mainly by staying in the back and shouting out worthless instructions.  I think he has made it to 2nd level, so that's a big day.  Double my spell ammo.  With a party of mages we have been good with avoiding major trouble by the liberal use of spellage.  I don't see that changing any time soon.

+Ken H of The Rusty Battle Axe, had been running the fantastic megadungeon, Monteport, but he needed a break.  I guess he's playing too many music gigs these days.  He does do a great imitation of the insane laugh off of Pink Floyd's, The Lunatic is on the Grass.  I guess we all need to start somewhere.

Alien Menace
The other game I partook in was The Alien Menace by +Douglas Cole from the Gaming Ballistic.  We played our first session this past Saturday.  We are using GURPS 4th Edition.  And Fantasy Grounds.  Doug got a real education of how wonderful and how much a pain in the ass it is to use Fantasy Grounds.  The group is made of hardened soldier who are assigned to take down the aliens and get the information back.  None of that talking.  My guy is modeled after Rayland from Justified, but with a grenade launcher.  Boom! = Fun. 

Doug said its been several years since he GMed, he did well corralling us into a single direction.  He also had an excellent audio clip to get the adventure rolling.  It was fantastic.  Hope he shares it soon.

Castle of the Mad Archmage
The last game I've been playing is +Erik Tenkar's Sword & Wizardry trip through +Joseph Bloch's Castle of the Mad Archmage.  I've gone through one session.  I think we have another one this Friday.  We'll plod through more rooms of poo.  This one I play a cleric/mage.  I got some strength, so I can smash big things into small things.  So far so good on this one.  I'm glad Erik doesn't play with disease rules or all of our characters would be septic.  

 Majestic Wilderlands
Another game we've been playing a few sessions here and there is +Rob Conley's Fudge edition of the Majestic Wilderlands.  He's been toying with the idea of developing an entire supplement.  I know he's got a big chunk down.  My opinion about Fudge/Fate as a system is still to be determined.  At least I have some dice to play.  

 Waking to Oblivion
The final one is a setting I've been developing just for my group.  I've run one session.  Ready to run a second.  It's a micro developed type setting where I have groups and places detailed to an obscene level.  It's been fun to write and I am hoping its as fun to explore.  Session two should be happening in a week or two.

I guess I need to get a calendar for all my gaming sessions.  Game on tonight.  Stand back, Connor's got two spells.


  1. The sound clip is in my play session report, but here it is just for your gentle readers:

  2. You make me feel like I'm slacking. My one current game is pretty sporadic.

  3. so far my mage, Conner has survived. Mainly by staying in the back and shouting out worthless instructions.

    Yeah, that and the bribe money you've been sending. Oh, wait, the other players weren't supposed to know about that! -- I can delete this right?