Tuesday, April 8, 2014

RPG BS Session is Set

Last week I had the idea of starting a hangout to just BS about games.  I know before and after game chat is just as enjoyable as the game itself, but with all of our schedules, I know it's difficult to squeeze in game time.  So I thought why not just set aside some time just to sit back and talk to others about the games.  So that's what I'm doing.

I sent out invitations to people about the RPG BS Session, but I wasn't aware I couldn't invite a circle.  I had to select each one individually.  That got tiring.  Anyone who reads my blog is of course invited to join in. 

Can't make it til later?  No problem, just drop in when you get a chance.  Need to leave early?  No problem.  It's a casual get together, no commitments.  If you have a mic and a camera great, but neither are necessary. 

Since this is my first event I've attempted and there is very little structure to it, if we get a bunch of folks we may need to split it into a couple of rooms so we aren't talking over one another. 

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  1. Be aware that you can only have a certain number of people by video chat - Cameron Corniuk and Jonathan Henry run a set of weekly chats, and I want to say you can only have 8-10 people on one. If there's a way to have more, I'd love to know it!