Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Players Scream Like Little Girl While Carring Baskets of Berries

Short Recap of Last Night's Adventure

Started with Marrick, played by +Rob Conley.  His ranger guy had recently got a chunk of loot, but was still wounded from his battle with Hyroth (played by the notorious +Ken H).
  • He returned to his home village of Bad Rock. He decided to take the 'off-road' option.  
  • He found a goblin body torn apart with a pair of large wolf tracks and followed them.  
  • He found another goblin body.  This one had worn metal armor, but it was torn from the bites.  The body was still warm.  
  • Followed the tracks until he reached road where the tracks ended.  
  • From there he returned him to Bad Water and discovered the village had some problems with goblins attacking.  One of Marrick's friends told him that they sergeant of the guard was looking for him.  They needed a tracker.  So Merrick went to the guard house.

Next was Hyroth played by +Ken H.  Marked by a god and sent upon a question for Ballor, one of the seven god of death.  He was compelled to head south.  To the Stone Fields that surround Bad Water.
  • He took the road to Bad Water and was attacked by four naked goblins with stone hatchets.  He was wounded pretty badly.  
  • Met a group of guards and they escorted him rest of the way.  They told him it might be a good idea to speak with Chalmers, there might be a reward for killing the goblins.
  • When to speak with Chalmers and saw Merrick speaking with him.
  • Mechanics point: Hyroth was on a quest for Ballor, he received a temporary boon of an additional 1d4 hit points and 1d4 spell points.
 The third crew was Malcolm played by +Chris C. and Arden played by +Daniel McEntee.  They were last given a tongue lashing from the guild for not doing as they were told.
  • Fenton, their immediate boss was in the inn, drunk and shouting about the local lord's incompetence.  They went in to get him out of there.
  • On the way bring him back, they received a message to visit someone named David in Bad Water. 
  • The opted to travel along the road at night
  • Attacked by eight naked goblins armed with stone hatchets.  They were wounded badly during the exchange.
  • Met with guards at the border of Bad Water and explained they were attacked by goblins.  The guards allowed them to stay in the barracks.  
  • In the morning while they ate they heard the familiar voice of Marrick.
  • Mechanics point: I rolled before the game to see if which players would remember the others.  Both Arden and Malcolm made their rolls as did Hyroth.  Only Marrick failed.  But he managed to remember Arden. 
So now all four players have, without any manipulation from the judge and only the powers of serendipity can be blamed, all the party members are standing outside a guard barracks.  Hyroth tagged along with Arden and Malcom to go visit David.  There was a short exchange of vulgarities, but they continued on.
  • Finally got to introduce the new character, Elderad.  He sat outside David's alchemy shop.
  • Players met David, an unpleasant fellow.  He assigns them to looking for a bush with white berries.  They grow in the Stone Fields.  So they go berry picking.
  • Hyroth leads them into the Stone Field because he's feeling drawn to an area.  He finds a stone with Ballor's symbol upon it.  He releases the blood he earned from the boon into the flat stone and it moves to the side.
  • There was a discussion about attempting to kill Hyroth again.
  • Hyroth opens the door and finds himself in a small chamber with a Fury.  She is tethered to a stone in the middle of the floor by a metal thread.  
  • The players above ground are picking berries as fast as they can.  Arden tries to enter but fails his save and is paralyzed at the door.
  • Hyroth feels he came here for the stone.  The fury is incidental.  He pulls out the knife given to him by the creepy priest and severs the tether.  
  • The fury bursts out of the ground and flies away as the party members wet their knickers.  
  • Hyroth tucks the stone sway, creates a mount and rides away.
  • The other party members run screaming out of the stone field with the berry baskets only half full.
  • Mechanic point: Hyroth's temporary spell points were now permanent for his completion of the quest.   
The final leg of the adventure find Marrick warning Chalmers about the other party members.  He tells them of the crimes they committed, but Chalmers said there was little he could do since he did not have evidence and the crimes were committed outside his jurisdiction.   
  • Chalmers sent two other guards, Ren and Bray with Marrick.
  • They tracked the goblin prints for a couple of hours.  It was at this time they saw a mysterious creature fly overhead.  Marrick shot a couple of arrows and hid.  
  • They were about to turn and return home when they were attacked by scourge wolves. 
  • Ren died during the battle.  Marrick fell beneath the second wolf, but Bray managed to kill the wolf off quickly.  During the battle when the wolves were killed, their bodies foam and bubbled then exploded.  Marrick was struck by the spray.  He failed his save.  He is now infected with the scourge.  
  • Mechanic point: Marrick is alive because Bray managed to kill the wolf the next round and was able to bind wounds.  Binding wounds recovers 1hp and stabilizes the wound so there is no bleed out.  
  • Mechanic point: I'm using the -10 is death.  0 through -9 is unconscious.  
While I was poo-pooing my GMing last night, it was still a lot of fun.  It is a ton of fun gaming with these guys.  We ll come stressed out to the table from jobs and leave the table laughing about what happened.  


  1. A couple of comments...

    Are all the Towns called Bad? Where the Hel is Bad Ass then?

    What the Hel are 'Spell Points'?

    Elderad must live. Elderad must live!

  2. Sounds like a lot went off and a fun session


  3. Yeah, I'm still screaming. And looking for berries.