Friday, April 11, 2014

Got My 3rd Printer from Epson and it Didn't go Well

Not sure exactly why they are unable to send us a printer that works correctly, but now they they have decided to avoided our inquires.  The help center would not put us through to a manager.  After Ivy's insistence she is still on hold 35 minutes later.

I'm not nearly as upset as she is, but I am ready to move on.  I won't be buying an Epson again.  While they tried to fix the problem, they just created even more problems.  Three Epson printers in five days.  I doubt there will be any difference on the forth or fifth.

Good-bye Epson. 


  1. Wow, man. That's pretty unbelievable. And it sucks.

  2. Man, that stinks. I hope you get new non-Epson printer soon.

    My Brother laser printer I got for Christmas works pretty good. And I've known others who've owned Brother printers and haven't had any problems either. So that's recommendation anyway.

    I don't know about their customer service, however.

    Good luck.

  3. The first two workers told me the only option they had was to send more ink, not a fourth printer. I refused this option and 35 minutes later the supervisor finally got on the phone.

    Now … they’re sending another printer only this time, it will be sent from the warehouse to technical support, checked, then sent to us. Where the last one was sent from the warehouse to us.

    Also new this time, is I've been assigned one worker, and he assures me they will only send out a working printer. He also said I am welcome to call him anytime for a status report.

    So two workers, one supervisor and one assigned worker later, printer number four is on its way for testing.

    My gosh.

  4. WOW what a bummer, I've had my HP printer for years. But, I don't print the amount you do. Good luck on printer 5.
    Take care.

  5. I'm a die-hard fan of HP printers. I've been using them for about twenty years and I've never had a single issue or bad experience - they've just been solid, reliable work-horses.

    I did dally with a Samsung printer once. It was a piece of junk and the customer service was non-existent. I'll never buy anything from that company again.

    1. I have an HP too. And before the Epson, that's all Tim ever had as well. So now we're researching new printers and may just go back that way again.

      Glad you never had a problem with yours. Very cool.

  6. ...if only they knew the range of people you guys reach on a daily basis...

    I'm all for HPs. That's all I will ever buy any more, both professionally and personally.