Sunday, April 6, 2014

RPG Mall

I decided to make a link page to all the RPG stores I like to virtual shop and browse.  You can find the page under my blog title to the right.  I thought it might be cool to have a virtual mall that you (and me) can check out the different stores.  Right now I have a small collection and know there are many more.  Some of the stores I'll need to add are some of the ones I go to eBay for and I know there are more Etsy stores to add.

If you have a store or frequent a cool store that features RPG stuff let me know so I can add it.  I know a lot of the big boys stores, so I am looking more for the smaller individual storefronts.  Those are the ones I need the most help with.  But if you see any store I haven't added let me know.  I'm cool with it as long as the store is about gaming and RPGs.

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