Monday, September 21, 2009

Feast of Goblyns Déjà Vu

I do believe this was the first adventure published for the world of Ravenloft. At the time it was the largest adventure I'd ever seen coming in around 96 pages. The cardboard map was more of a DM screen with lots of good information.

So here I am all excited that I plunked down over $11 to absorb this 96 page monster and as I reach page 32 the next page is repeated back to 17. In fact a whole section is repeated 17 thru 32. Then the module picks back up on page 65. What the heck? But I go on a little farther and it happened again. I get to page 80 and the next pages are a repeat of 65 thru 88, but then continue on to the finish.
My page count goes like this:
1 -32

So where did pages 33 thru 64 go? I thought about take the module back, but of course I didn't or I wouldn't be writing about it. I thought it was ironic that 31 pages went missing. That fog must have been affecting the real world.


  1. WotC offers that module for free, btw, if you want to read the missing pages.

  2. Thanks for the info. I bought the module when it first hit the shelves and still don't know what was in those pages. Thanks you for parting the fog.

  3. Any chance you could do a review of Engineering Dungeons? It looks like an interesting book.


  4. Lots of Ravenloft fans hated that module because it was to hack and slashy, which I can see their point. TSR goes out of their way to design a setting that is more Role-Playing then fighting, and then turn around and publish this?

    I, however, still like the game. It is very long and very involved, but quite dangerous and fun! Sucks about your copy, the quality control guys dropped the ball that time!

    Was Feast of Goblyns the first 2e Ravenloft game? I'm thinking that you are correct! I know that the original RAVENLOFT module was for 1e, as was that crappy followup to it.

    My fav mod is still "Night of the Walking Dead", another Ravenloft title.