Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Petition for the Cyclops

I feel it is my duty to bring everyone's attention that the Cyclops has been has been getting a raw deal. Being one of the original monsters it has been forgotten, pushed aside for other, more trendy monsters. Beholders, mind flayers, bodaks and devourers now populate the dark places where the Cyclops once ruled. He wants his position back. He wants to be feared. Make a place for him in your adventures. Make a home for him within your mythologies. I petition to all of you within shouting distance to create a place in your imaginations for the Cyclops.

Those of you who agree please sign below and let everyone know the Cyclops is not forgotten.


  1. As long as you don't bring back child actor genies as well, Im sold.

  2. I remember the cyclops!
    I remember the cyclops!

  3. @Zzarchov Agreed. No children allowed. Only very large crossbows, bald magicians and a good looking woman...or two.

    @Ragnorakk May the one-eyed titan let you pet his sheep.

    @myrystr Batten those hatches, secure that circle thing, tie a double headed goose head knot around that thingamajig. There will be plenty of ale and run for all tonight!

  4. My Vote Is Yea, Next Monday look out for the Cyclops

  5. Um, the cyclops has got to be one of my favorite monsters in B/X Dungeons & Dragons, as I commented back in June:


    Definitely my favorite monster of the Cook/Marsh Expert set (though the purple worm is a very close #2). I was so disappointed by its lack of inclusion in the AD&D Monster Manual!

    So, no, it will not be forgotten by my anytime soon.

  6. Cyclops are a PC race in my WhiteBox S&W games. I blame Krull.

  7. JDJ@ Very cool.

    JB@ I knew I could count on you. Long live one-eye!