Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shifting Into the Next Stage of the Game

The set up session. Not the most exciting of sessions, but necessary at times especially when you play in a weekly 3 hour session. Three hours sounds like a long time and if your waiting in a doctor's office I believe that is a measurable eternity, but in gaming time it's not lomg at all. Last night we had a set up session. We had completed our major goals in the campaign, Syrinvald visited all the mage circles he needed to do for his research. Oelander found a sword of power, Blackrazor, but traded it to the verdian council when he discovered its evil side. He got a pretty nice sword in exchange.

All of us have reached 7th level during these adventures (almost 8th level for me). The game has began to shift focus. We are no longer building our characters as much as establishing them within the game world. We've been able to establish a decent treasury, have a base in the world's largest city with access to a magical portal, and all of us have lots of interesting items to provide us the power to begin establishing ourselves.

First off as part of our working with the verdian council, giving them Blackrazor to destroy, killing off demons and proving information, we have come to an agreement with the council to give us land. We will have to foot the bill to develop it. Also in the hopper is a war that is raging to the north, within the foothills are ancient forts long gone to the weather. We are planning to reestablish one of them, refortify the area and help in the war.

This session we spent setting this up. Much of it was spent trying to solve our transportation issues (being hundreds of miles between places), hippogriffs were sorta of a solution, but not quite. That may be another project on the back burner. Not to mention a run in with an ostler who kills them. The above mentioned land grant and an either or for a group of thugs. Luckily, we had developed our characters enough with reputation and connections that while some told us to piss off, most soiled themselves and decided to join us.

Even though it was not an action packed session it is the foundation of the next stage for our characters.

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