Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Reports from The Manor

I've been getting some invitations from Google+ to join some games or go to conventions. I've never had so much access to so many different games. It's very cool with all the things people are doing and/or planning. And I think with fall coming, more games will be offered. *A side note: don't let the cord from your webcam hang down where your pup can chew it.*

 I join yet another Kickstarter. In the previous post I mentioned I got into the Swords & Wizardry reboot whatever you want to call it KS. I think I am more in it for The Monster Book more than anything. I remains one of my favorite monster manuals.

I recently purchased both Blood & Treasure Tomes from Matt Stater.  I've been reading through the Players Tome lately and waiting on the Treasure Keeper's Tome to arrive.  If you are interested I've linked them all to the hardback versions, but he also has ebook, PDF and softcover available.  And also offers them in one book, The Complete Game.  Once I get both books together I plan on developing an adventure or two for the system and throw them into an issue of The Manor...speaking of which

The Manor
While the next issue is coming around slow, fricking work has been a mind killer lately, I am planning on sort of having a double issue.  While it won't be double thick, I'll have two issue coming out at the same time that are connected.  I've got the outline kinda figured out and now I'm filling in the details.  I'm hoping with the long weekend I can make a dent into it and have some progress to report. 


  1. I briefly toyed with the idea of backing the Swords & Wizardry reprint when it was first announced ... until I asked Frog God Games about postage to the UK and was told that to ship both books would cost $63!!!!!!!!!! (on top of a $70 pledge, which I couldn't afford anyway)

    I'll just wait for the books to show up over here or on Amazon and see what the price is then ;)

  2. Looking forward to Manor 3.0 and 3.5

  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know about a Swords & Wizardry SRD (online rules reference) website I set up recently. It is at (or also available via Let me know if you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, or requests!


  4. Looking forward to the Manor -- hope work doesn't continue to be such a killer!

  5. Good tip about the cord. Seriously ;)