Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Question

It's a simple question, but one where the answer can be complicated.  Have you ever posted something you regretted?  Maybe you regretted it because people took it the wrong way.  Maybe you got pissed at someone and posted something overly negative.  Or maybe you shared something that was too personal.  Who knows, could be all or none or a combo and more.  If you have, you don't have to set a link to it, but maybe explain why you wished you hadn't of posted it.

Ivy is my filter.  I can think of a few times when I considered putting something out there that might cause trouble, but I always ask Ivy to give it a read.  And a few times she told me I shouldn't.  I know one time was when I was dancing very close about ranting about work and some the stupid that was going on in the gaming world.  I try to keep those two worlds separate as possible.

Oh, and have a very good Friday. 

This is not an entry into my Monstrous Mondays...hmm, maybe it should be.