Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Question

It's a simple question, but one where the answer can be complicated.  Have you ever posted something you regretted?  Maybe you regretted it because people took it the wrong way.  Maybe you got pissed at someone and posted something overly negative.  Or maybe you shared something that was too personal.  Who knows, could be all or none or a combo and more.  If you have, you don't have to set a link to it, but maybe explain why you wished you hadn't of posted it.

Ivy is my filter.  I can think of a few times when I considered putting something out there that might cause trouble, but I always ask Ivy to give it a read.  And a few times she told me I shouldn't.  I know one time was when I was dancing very close about ranting about work and some the stupid that was going on in the gaming world.  I try to keep those two worlds separate as possible.

Oh, and have a very good Friday. 

This is not an entry into my Monstrous Mondays...hmm, maybe it should be.


  1. I certainly hope that most of us have regrets about something we've posted.

  2. I sometimes think the whole internet was a bad mistake that we will come to regret, just like we look back at medieval 'barbers' with their remedy of, "There is nothing that ails you that can't be fixed by a little bleeding." Of course, now that I've written this, some needledick is going to post a correction below in which they state that under certain circumstances, bleeding may have helped the patient, but I'd think that only proves my point that the internet is a curse in which everyone wants to correct everyone else.

  3. I am increasingly inclined to agree with you, Stefan.

  4. It's been close once or twice my friend!

  5. I have many comments and posts that I regret. I delete as many as I can, but I understand once it's out there, you can't get it back.

    Usually it's when I drink and post that this happens. I gotta get that under control.

    Also, some of my nude/sexy artwork has evoked some angry and irrational posting/commenting from others, but I delete them and never respond. I have removed a few pics to cut down on the headache, but I reckon this will continue to happen.

  6. Haven't we all?

    If nothing else, the older one gets the more likely some past view will be revised and updated. But your old views are still there, forever.

  7. "Regrets, I've had a few
    But then again, too few to mention
    I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption
    I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway
    And more, much more than this, I did it my way"
    - Frankie Baby

    Okay, actually, I regret everything I post. The second after I click 'publish,' I'm hit with a fear that I've insulted someone who didn't deserve it, said something horribly wrong, or just look like an asshat. But that regret fades away with time.

    There are two things that have stuck with me though. I do regret:

    1) Calling 4e fans STUPID, and

    2) Ranting about the issues my son was having in school - on the blog.

    So, all in all, that is not too bad - one blog related regret a year on average. :)

    - Ark

  8. Regretted posting? Not so much, at least nothing that comes to mind right away.

    Wish I had spent more time on thinking out? Yeah, there are a few of those.

    Blogs are state of mind/point of consciousnesses things for me. How I feel about something right now may not be how I felt in two years ago or how I will feel two years from now.

  9. James You are probably right. I think there have been some comments I've left that were probably not the best. Not sure if I regret them as much as I wish I had said it better.

    Stephan I think you get the prize. I think there are gobs of truth in that and we have no idea how true it is yet.

    Lurker You don't have to feel bad about insulting the sleestak...they know where you live.

    Digital Orc Ha, yes drunk posting can be hazardous I imagine. Something akin to drunk texting which never goes well. As far as the provocative pictures tell them to go Maplethorpe.

    Zz Yup, I'm sure we all have. I've been lucky to have Ivy as my filter. Sometimes I don't ask myself to very important questions before I post something, Do this need to be said? and if so Does it need to be said by me? If I answer no to either question I drop it.

    Ark Everything? Man that is some heavy guilt my man. But I used to in the early days be concerned about how I came off, if I insulted anyone ect..., but I've been around long enough that most of you out there that follow my blog know I here to have fun. And if I insult someone I will see what they are bothered about, adjust if it needs be or if they are just on their own little personal war I don't bother with them much. I thought the issue brought you brought up with your son though was very relatable to many gamers in my day. I was the big guy of our group who played sports, but most of them didn't and got belittle because they played D&D or any number of reasons. I did appreciate your sharing those posts.

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  11. I don't think there is anything in my blog I regret. I have, of course, rustled a jimmy or two on forums, but I tend to apologize up front when I feel I've done something wrong, so I feel pretty good about those too.

    As far as the internet being a 'curse' goes, I don't think it is. It's like alcohol; YOU have to take responsibility for your use, no one else is going to. Dismissing the entire thing based upon trouble you've had with it is like getting loaded, making a questionable pick up and then getting angry at the stranger you wake up next to for being ugly. You could have gone home anytime you wanted to, bro.
    You still can.

  12. Tim - Everything. Not guilt - more - stage fright after the fact. Just a mountain I have to climb each time. And the posts about my son and school - the ones that most people saw I have no issue with - there were a handfull or rants that were too personal, with too may specifics, and those I deleted pretty quickly thereafter. Things now are just peachy, though, so nothing to rant about.

    - Ark

  13. I have plenty of posts that I regret, mostly on messageboards where I let someone else's comments get under my skin, and then I find myself embroiled in a flame war.

    I know how bad it's making me look, but I can't bear to let someone whom I think of as a jerk have the last word; stupid people need to be shown why they're stupid - it's that line of thought that always gets me into trouble.

    A few other regrets are for times when I was posting an unpopular opinion, and didn't do a good enough job trying to do so in a manner that didn't provoke negative reactions.

  14. If you never make a mistake, then you aren't trying hard enough.

  15. Just one rant which I posted, and subsequently deleted. When I started blogging, I swore to myself I wouldn't post anything negative, and I wouldn't engage in any bickering, ranting etc. Enough of that goes on where I work and want blogging to be an escape from that. I ranted just once, and felt like I sullied my sanctuary. So I deleted it and renewed my vow not to go negative.