Monday, October 29, 2012

Monsterous Mondays: The ANGRY Stick Mob

Here is the final  entry into Tim Brannan's Monstrous Mondays.  I have received several secrets messages that these monsters I have revealed are too terrifying and must stop.  How could I be so cold and heartless to disturb the sleep of the sheep that go through life happy and ignorant?  Now they tremble in the dark listening for the plunging stubs vibrating the ground of the GIANT Stickman.  Or the arrangements of the SAVAGE 2-Headed Stick Monster.  Or the slight click and run of the HORRIBLE Mr. Sticks who comes to eat your feet as the sheep dream of vanilla ice cream, puppies and all the nice things they will say tomorrow.

Wake up sheep.  It's time to take control.  It's time to get ANGRY!

The ANRGY Stick Mob is one of the most powerful forces known.  Where the tyranny and fear become too much the Stickmen snap and those once expressionless faces take on a furrowed brow, those little empty hands now grasp torches and weapons and their bodies expand and become stronger as the stickman rage overtakes them.

The ANGRY Stick Mob has only been seen a few times throughout history making it impossible to stat.  When an ANGRY Stick Mob has appeared governments have crumbled, monsters of legend have fled and the terrain on which they walk is burned and cut down.  Forest have disappeared.  Seas have been drained and mountains fell before the tromping feet of the ANGRY mob.

So those sleeping sheep who are afraid of the things that I have revealed.  Fear not, for you are the most monstrous of them all.  You are the one to be feared.  All these things that have come before this Monday fear the day when you and the others like you become ANGRY.