Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Things You Might Hear in a Brothel

I make no apologizes for the following.  It will be puerile, but I hope at least entertaining.  If your the kinda person who likes farts or at least the jokes about them, continue.  If you think they are disgusting than move along.  Nothing to smell here.

1.  Did you memorize Cure Disease today?

2.  I got your rod of might right here. 

3.  Hmm, I'll take the ugo.  I only have a few copper.

4.  My boot is stuck to the floor!

5.  It's okay.  It happens to most adventurers after a level drain.

6.  I'd rather stick it into the green faced devil.

7.  Ohh yeah, I'd treat the right. *inside joke*

8.  I'm going to need something longer than a 50' rope if I go in there.

9.  Once you go half-orc you'll never go back.

10.  Hey Sir Humpsalot, you're on my hair. 

Please add any lewd comments if you so desire.