Monday, October 22, 2012

Monstrous Mondays: The HORRIBLE Mr. Sticks

Last week I admitted to some of my gaming friends that I had in fact, not drawn the stickmen in my Monstrous Monday posts.  I had Google ganked them.  The one most recently from a six-year old whose name I never found.  This new admission made Rusty Battle Axe, and I quote,

"Made me throw up in my mouth a little."
I have learned my lesson.  The following HORRIBLE creature is not something I wanted to expose because calling him out gives him more power. This...this thing that haunts my thoughts and escapes my look when I see something moving at the corner of my eye.  Go no further if you wish to keep your feet and nose.  I have warned you and can do nothing more to sway your damn curiosity.  I present to you The HORRIBLE Mr. Sticks....

drawn by your own host's hands...well, the right hand

The HORRIBLE Mr. Sticks is a unique creature made up of scrap lumber, tools for hands and he wears a pumpkin for his head.  A pumpkin carved with jagged teeth for gnashing and tearing.  Some have argued the Mr. Sticks is a golem aberration, some say it may be a demon sprung from an evil child's dream and others believe it is a malevolent spirit manifested.  No one is certain. 

Mr. Sticks stalks its prey, waiting til it falls asleep.  When the target is deep in slumber Mr. Sticks does one of two things, it eats the person's feet off (75%) or or snips off the nose (25%).  Once this is done Mr. Sticks disappears into the darkness.

There have been a few occasions when Mr. Sticks has been captured.  In these cases once the morning comes Mr. Sticks falls into a pile of wood with a pumpkin on top.  In other cases where Mr. Sticks has been defeated in battle with his sticks broken and his gourd smashed, but within a week's time Mr. Sticks begins his reign of terror at night.

Mr. Sticks inhabits the outlaying rural areas where there are few people and lots of woods.  Only once has he ever been encountered in a city and that is another story in itself.  He will prey on a village, terrorize it for a cycle then move on.  Sometimes his attacks restart a few miles away or it could be a hundred miles away.

The HORRIBLE Mr. Sticks is worshiped by other stickmen.  They call upon him when they are in need of help.  This help always comes at a price.  Mr Sticks holy symbol is two boards nailed together in the center.

I would give you stats, but that would only encourage you to call up The HORRIBLE Mr. Sticks and do battle.  I will not be that irresponsible.  I will tell you check beneath your bed at night because that is where he likes to lurk.  Tuck your feet in tight in your blankets.  And don't snore.  A snore is a dinner chime to The HORRIBLE Mr. Sticks .


  1. Mr. Sticks inhabits the outlaying rural areas where there are few people and lots of woods.

    Damn. I told Mrs. Bard we should buy a shotgun when we moved out here.

  2. Is pulling your blanket up over your head an adequate defense, as with other horrific monsters?

  3. Terrific. Absolutely terrific.

    On a completely unrelated note, I'm sure... I keep hearing noises behind me. I look around and nothing's there, but it keeps happening. It sounds like, well, two sticks rubbing together. Any thoughts?

  4. See I'd want to play these all totally straight and then watch as the fear sets in that these sticks are dangerous!


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