Monday, October 15, 2012

Monsteorus Monday: The Savage Two-Headed Stickman Monster

It's Monday again and that means the work week is reset.  That sucks.  But it also means its Monstrous Monday and that does not suck.  So here is another entry into the Monday that has turned into four Mondays, sponsored by Tim Brannan from The Other Side blog.

My newest entry in  Monstrous Mondays is the rare and lethal SAVAGE Two-Headed Stickman Monster.  The picture drawn was found in the bloody hand of an artist who encountered one.  He had fed it three consecutive days and thought he was forming a bond with the creature.  When I say they found the picture in the artist's bloody hand I mean that was all they found.  Like the rest of his body was gone.  Probably eaten.  By the SAVAGE Two-Headed Stickman Monster.  Although I am unsure which head ate him or if they shared.

The first startling feature about the SAVAGE Two-Headed Stickman Monster is its girth.  It is thick with corded muscle.  Arms that end in SAVAGE bladed like hands.  Another feature the the foolish artist captured was its three dark bellybuttons.  There is much debate whether it is one bellybutton and two vertical nipples or two bellybuttons and one nipple or small gateways into the third circle of hell.  No one is sure.  Another feature that makes this a SAVAGE Two-Headed Stickman Monster is the jagged mouth.  While it does no have teeth, it jawbone forms a jagged edge to tear meat from bone.  And of course it has two-heads.  There is usually one dominate head that does most of the talking and decision making.

The other feature that has been captured, to much of the scholars amazement is the head wear.  It is rumored that the SAVAGE Two-Headed Stickman Monster are always bald and their heads get cold very easily.  Most pictures captured have shown the monster wearing a hat of some sort.  They are often decorated with souvenirs such as body parts and weapons.  This is where an adventure will find the loot.

HD: 12
AC: 4 (15) or 2 (17) head
DAM: 2d6/2d6 (slicer hands) or 1d10 bite
MV: 120
Save: 10
Special: Unlike most stickman creatures because of its girth it gains no AC bonus.  However it does get a bonus for AC when it wears headgear.  If an adventure does gaze into the navel of a SAVAGE Two-Headed Stickman Monster he will indeed be transported into the gluttonous third circle of hell.  Get in my belly.


  1. I imagine it's two heads sound like the McKenzie Brothers from Strange Brew.

  2. Nipple gateways could be the next big thing. Vertical nipples for that matter.

  3. You forgot to mention its flatulence is HIGHLY flammabe.

  4. I sense the hand of Demogorgon.


    Demog..... just kidding.

  5. IS it sad that I really like the hats?

    Very nice, i love all the stickmen!